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Compared to normal playgrounds, Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) are usually located in the commercial districts and are of bigger size. Because of the size, the play events in FECs are usually more exciting and challenging compared. They can also accommodate not only kids but also the rest of the family members who are teenagers and adults.
Located in commercial districts, FECs offer not only indoor playgrounds but also different entertainment options for family members of different ages and they also cater to many different parties especially birthday parties.
Indoor playgrounds are full of exciting fun activities for kids. Regardless of weather, kids will have an outlet to play and stay active exploring the play areas, navigating the mazes, troubleshoot problems and explore their imagination through the age-appropriate activities. When the kids are active, this can lead to better physical development which helps the kids stay happy and healthy.
In indoor playgrounds, children are exposed to an environment where there are other children as well. This helps the children develop the attributes of sharing and cooperation, conflict resolution, communication skill, patience and humbleness in them.

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The main difference between naughty castle and customized indoor playground is that the latter contains more play areas or functional areas, such as catering areas, so the customized indoor children’s park is a complete and fully functional indoor amusement center.

Indoor soft play structure or indoor children’s playgrounds refer to places built indoors for children’s entertainment. Indoor playgrounds are equipped with sponges to minimize damage to children. For this reason, indoor amusement parks are safer than outdoor ones.

The traditional indoor playground structure, also known as the naughty castle or the indoor jungle gym, is an essential part of every indoor amusement park. They have very small fields with simple infrastructure such as a slide or an ocean ball pool. While some indoor children’s playgrounds are more complex, with many different playgrounds and hundreds of amusement projects. Usually, such playgrounds are customized and have their own theme elements and cartoon characters.

Suitable for

Amusement park, shopping mall, supermarket, kindergarten, day care center/kindergar, restaurants, community, hospital etc

Playground Style

Castle theme, Airspace theme, Jungle, Ocean, Candy, Pirate ship, Snow theme etc… can be designed as requested


Standard PP Film with cotton inside. And some toys packed in cartons


Assembly procedure, project case, and installation video, Optional installation service


CE, EN1176, TUV report, ISO9001, ASTM1918, AS3533 qualified

Capacity Reference

Under 50sqm, capacity: less than 20 kids

50-100sqm, capacity: 20-40 kids

100-200sqm, capacity: 30-60 kids

200-1000sqm, capacity: 90-400 kids

What buyer need to do before we start free design?

1.If there is no any obstacles in the play area, just offer us the length & width & height, the entrance and exit location of the play area is enough.

2. Buyer should offer CAD drawing showing the specific play area dimensions, marking out the location and size of pillars, entry & exit.

A clear hand-drawing is acceptable too.

3. Requirement of playground theme, layers, and components inside if there is.

Production time

3-10 work days for standard order


(1) Plastics parts: LLDPE, HDPE, Eco-friendly, Durable

(2) Galvanized Pipes: Φ48mm, thickness 1.5mm/1.8mm or more, covered by PVC foam padding

(3) Soft parts: wood inside, high flexible sponge, and good flame-retarded PVC covering

(4) Floor Mats: Eco-friendly EVA foam mats, 2mm thickness,

(5) Safety Nets: diamond shape and multiple color optional, fire-proof nylon safety netting

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